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John Crabbe


Mentioned in Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 17/5/1407 as having been attacked by John Dette

William Crabbe

Mentioned in Colne Priory rental document dated 1440

John Crabbe


Mentioned in Earls Colne Manor Court rolls dated 13/10/1442 as having taken partridges without a license (poaching)

Robert Crabb


Mentioned in Earls Colne Manor Court rolls dated 27/5/1455 as having been granted 16a of land in Colne Engaine along with Thomas, William and Elenor Dygelet.

John Crabbe (the younger)



Mentioned in Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 8/1/1523 with respect to being a common fisher in the lord’s ponds


John Crabbe

Mentioned in Earls Colne Manor Court rolls dated 1/1/1524 re. collection of subsidies

William Crabbe

Mentioned in Lay Subsidy: Exchequer document dated 1/1/1525

John Crabbe

Mentioned in Lay Subsidy: Exchequer document dated 1/1/1525

John Crabbe

Mentioned in will of William Carter of White Colne dated 1/7/1531 as being his “lad”

John Crabbe

Mentioned in Lay Subsidy: Exchequer document dated 1/1/1543

John Crabbe


Mentioned in Colne Priory rental document 28/1/1550 – 27/1/1551


William Crabbe



Mentioned in Colne Priory Extracts dated 10/6/1555 as having been warned not to allow his cattle to “go and pasture on the kings highway on a pain to forfeit to the lord for every offence 6s8d”.

William Crabbe

Mentioned in will of Thomas Pullen dated 16/11/1559

Mathew Crabb

Margery Smith

Helen (C984), base daughter (ch. 26/12/1566)

Joan Crabbe (C986)

Henry Christmas

m. 15/6/1573


Joan mentioned in Archdeaconry Act Book dated 5/2/1589, 4/3/1589 and 1/4/1589 as having been made pregnant by Edward Reade.

Mentioned again in Archdeaconry Act Book dated 29/4/1590 where she admits fornication with Edward Reade and was ordered to do public penance in church.

Leticia Crabb (C988)

Mentioned in Archdeaconry Act Book 7/3/1584 and 1/4/1584

John Crabbe (C987)



Mentioned in the will of Elizabeth Cooke of Earles Colne dated 24/3/1589.

Mentioned in Earls Colne Manor Court rolls dated 9/6/1593 re. payment of rates(?).


Margaret Crabb (C989)

Mentioned in Assize Indictments dated 30/6/1597 as being a spinster.

William Crabbe (C1007) of Colne Engaine















Mentioned in the will of Robert Peartrey dated 20/12/1591.

Licenses of alehouses and victuallers dated 18/2/1602.

Quarter session court rolls dated 24/9/1605.

Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 9/4/1618 (refers to court session 23/9/1611).

  • Mentions elder daughter Elizabeth Crabb (C980) who married Richard Parker

Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 12/10/1637

  • Further refers to Richard Parker as having died without having any children with Elizabeth. Refers to other relatives of Richard as being Margaret Till (eldest sister), Agnes Bullocke (second sister, deceased), Jane Durden (third sister, deceased), Ann Kent (youngest sister, deceased).

John Crabbe (C987) + Elizabeth Crabbe (R264) maiden name Richards (m. 24/9/1592)




John d. 1595

Will dated 13/4/1595

John mentioned as deceased in Archdeaconry Act Book 22/5/1595

  • Elizabeth remarried to Richard Smith 10/8/1595

John Crabbe (C987)


Mentioned in Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 9/6/1593 as owing a payment as tenants of the manor.

John Crabbe

Witness to will of William Prentice of Colne Engaine dated 3/9/1614

Ann Crabb (P874) + Jeff Potter





Mentioned in Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book dated 1/1/1636 as being deceased. Because of her death, her siblings (probably all sisters) were admitted to various tenements.

The Crabb sisters are mentioned again in the Fine Book dated 1/1/1637 as having surrendered the lands of the late Jeff Potter to Edward Cressener.

Mary Crabb (C1002) widow





Mentioned in Fleet of Fine dated 1/1/1650





Ben Crabb (C976) + Phoebe Crabb (C995) (m. c. 1686; Ben bur. 6/9/1711)




Benjamin Crabb (C977) (b. c. 1687; ch. 29/12/1689)

Phoebe Crabb (C996) (b. c. 1689; ch. 29/12/1689; bur. 3/7/1695)

William Crabb (C1008) (b. 17/8/1696; ch 18/10/1724?)

“A son” Crabb (b. 17/2/1702)


Ben Crabb (C977) + Mary Crabb (C992) (m. 5/6/1712; Mary bur. 10/9/1720)





Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 28/3/1715 – Ben elected as Earles Colne town constable

Ben Crabb mentioned in several Court rolls discussing land tenure up to 16/3/1736

Ben Crabb (C972) (ch. 15/3/1713)

Edward Crabb (C979) (ch. 10/4/1715)

Rosamond Crabb (C1001) (ch. 15/1/1719)

William Crabb (C1008) + Mary Crabb (P97) nee. Pain (m. 16/1/1715)

























Mary’s brother’s name was John Pain

Quarter Session rolls dated 13/7/1731 – Mary accused of assaulting Issac Dines.

Mary Crabb (C993) (ch. 12/2/1716)

Married John Clark of Feering 18/9/1737

Daughter Jane (Joan) (b. c. 1738)

Granted settlement 22/1/1740

Daughter Sarah (ch. 11/10/1741)

Daughter Mary (ch. 14/8/1743)

Son John (ch. 14/7/1745)

Son William (ch. 8/2/1747)

Daughter Sarah (ch. 13/1/1754) – seems unlikely??

Sarah Crabb (C1006) (ch. 19/6/1720)

Ann Crabb (C974) (ch. 27/5/1722)

Married Jas Rayner 28/12/1752

Phoebe Crabb (C998) (ch. 29/3/1724)

Unmarried in April 1762

William Crabb (C1012) (b. c. September 1725; ch. 26/3/1727)

Sam Crabb (C1005) (ch. 18/9/1727)

? Crabb (bur. 24/4/1728)

Hannah Crabb (C983) (ch. 4/4/1731)

Married name Everett

Elizabeth Crabb (C981) (ch. 4/2/1733)

Unmarried in April 1762)

Rosamond Crabb (C1003) (ch. 3/12/1738)

Married John Smith 1/1/1760


William Crabb (C1008) Mentioned in Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1681-1731 dated 1/6/1726

Edward Crabb (C978) + Ann Crabb (C982) nee Raven (m. 2/5/1717)







Ann b. 18/9/1696; ch. 20/9/1696 (daughter of John and Ann)

Edward mentioned in Earles Colne Manor Court rolls dated 12/5/1746 with respect to renting part of a tenement called “Cocks” in Holt Street for 8d per year.

Ann Crabb (C973) (ch. 10/1/1720; bur. 31/7/1722)

William Crabb (C1010) (ch. 2/1/1724)

Hannah Crabb (ch. 11/8/1725)

Married William Ardley 21/5/1747


Ben Crabb (C977) + Margaret Crabb (C990) (m. c. 1720?)








Phoebe Crabb (C997) (ch. 28/1/1722)

Sam Crabb (C1004) (ch. 1/9/1723)

William Crabb (C1011) (ch. 8/10/1727)

Margaret (Marge) Crabb (C991) (ch. 26/1/1729)

? Crabb (bur. 7/1/1730)

Ann Crabb (C975) (ch. 3/9/1732)

Robert Crabb (C1000) (ch. 13/1/1734)

Isaac Crabb (C985) (ch. 9/5/1736)

? Crabb (bur. 22/11/1736)

William Crabb (C1009) (adult) ch. 18/10/1724

Ben Crabb




Mentioned in Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls dated 18/4/1726 as having a parcel of land called “Glasiers” or “Glaziers” (containing 2a) in Earles Colne under his tenure.

Same land also mentioned as being tenured by a “Crabb” in similar documents dated 25/7/1721 and 18/4/1723.

William Crabb (C1008x)






Mentioned in Assize Indictments (Chelmsford, Essex) dated 1/1/1743 as being late of the parish of Earles Colne. He is accused of having stolen 10 printed handkerchiefs from a Jos Bott. Witness mentions is Elizabeth Raven.

Further mentioned in Assize Indictments dated 1/1/1743 as being one of several prisoners now in gaol at Chelmsford, committed 10/5/1743 for the above mentioned theft.

Isaac Mole + Phoebe Crabb (C999) (m. 10/6/1729; Phoebe ch. 16/10/1747)

James Mole (ch. 25/6/1738)


Edward Crabb + Sarah Crisp (m. 20/10/1772)

Sarah, infant daughter of Philip and Ann Crisp (ch. 21/4/1738) (TBC as same woman)


George Beard + Phoebe Crabb (m. 6/2/1776)

George, son of William and Sarah Beard (ch. 9/6/1723) (TBC as same man)

George previously married Ann Conney 10/6/1755 (TBC as same man)

William Crabb + Mary Everett (m. 17/6/1779)
Judith Crabb (widow) b. 9/8/1790
Thomas Crabb + Elizabeth Webb (m. 2/8/1792)
Edward Crabb (widower) + Sarah Griggs (m. 31/7/1798)

Could this be the same Edward who married Sarah Crisp in 1772?


John Sadd + Sarah Crabb (m. 26/9/1803)

Could Sarah be the daughter of Edward Crabb and Sarah Crisp?

William Winwright + Elizabeth Crabb (m. 20/4/1819)

William Rayner + Marie Crabb (m. 7/11/1833)

Chas Crabb + Mary Wilsher (m. 2/10/1834)


From Earles Colne Census 1841


John Crabb (aged 56, born same county c. 1785, agricultural labourer)

Sarah Crabb (aged 50, born same county c. 1791)

Chas Crabb (aged 10, born same county c. 1831)

Living at High Street (plot 58)

Living with Jonathan Lott (56), Ambrose Maver (37) and Susanna Scilletoe (49)

Mary Crabb (aged 40, born same county c. 1801, laundress)

Sarah Crabb (aged 10, born same county c. 1831)

John Crabb (aged 8, born same county c. 1833)

William Crabb (aged 6, born same county c. 1835)

Living at High Street (plot ?)

Living with Martha Bartholomew (29), Eliza Bartholomew (7), Alf Bartholomew (4mos)

Elizabeth Crabb (Wainwright) (aged 85, born same county c. 1756)

Living at Bridge Street (plot 106)

Living with John Nicholas (24), Eliza Nicholas (19), Esther Nicholas (1mos)

Elizabeth Crabb (aged 74, born same county c. 1767, laundress)

Living at High Street (plot ?)


From Earles Colne Census 30/3/1851


Sarah Crabb (widow, pauper, baker, aged 66, born in Earles Colne c. 1785)

Lodger at High Street (plot 53)

Living with John Pudney (aged 57, agricultural labourer, born Weathersfield), and

Judith Pudney (aged 63, born Halstead)

Mary Crabb (help, widow, charwoman, aged 56, born Great Tey c. 1795)

Living at 165 Tile Kiln (plot 217)

Living with Robert James Pudney (head, 60), Elizabeth Pudney (wife, 68), John W. Pudney (son, 28), Ellen Bull (servant, 12)

John Crabb (son, unmarried, aged 18, born Markshall c. 1833)

William Crabb (son, unmarried, butcher’s labourer, aged 16, born Earles Colne c. 1835)

Living at 26 High Street (plots 60/60a)

Living with lodger Elizabeth Wenden (30)

William Crabb (son in law, unmarried, bricklayer labourer, aged 18, born Earles Colne c. 1833)

Living at 23 Wellington High Street (plot 58)

Living with Sam Moss (head, 55), Mary Moss (wife, 40), Chas Moss (son, 14), Sampson Moss (son, 12), Moses Moss (son, 9), Benjamin Moss (son, 4), John Moss (son, 2), Infant Moss (daughter, 1mos)

Living with Elizabeth Springate (sister in law, unmarried, 21), George Springate (nephew, 5mos)

Elizabeth Crabb (grandmother, widow, aged 96, born Great Tey c. 1755)

Living at 88 Coggeshall Road

Living with Chas Wainwright (30), Hannah Wainright (25), Sarah Ann Wainwright (1)

Elizabeth Crabb (widow, aged 80, born Copford Essex c. 1761)

Living at 11 Colne Green (plot 45)

Living with Jas Bartholomew (54), Charlotte Bartholomew (54), William Bartholomew (6)