History of the L'Enfant family name


L'Enfant Genealogy


Walter Henry CRABB married Fanny Ivy L'ENFANT on 27th May 1928.


Fanny Ivy L'ENFANT was the great granddaughter of Jacques Remy GROSJEAN L'ENFANT who was born in Brimont, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France on January 11th 1798. His mother, Marie-Martine GROSJEAN, was unmarried when Jacques was born, however she married Raould Hubert L'ENFANT on 29th April 1798 when Jacques was two months old. Its not clear if Raould was Jacque's biological father.


Jacques Remy birth record


Jacques Remy Birth Record


Raould Hubert L'ENFANT was born on 16th August 1767 in Montigny-sur-Vesle, 51140-51379, Marne, Grand Est, France. Marie-Martine GROSJEAN was born on 4th January 1777 in Brimont, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France


Under French law, Jacques had to take his mother's name, GROSJEAN, but he probably chose to take the name L'ENFANT when he came to England. We believe Jacques came to England to sell French wine. After meeting and marrying Mary HARMER in England, Jacques, Mary and some of their children returned to France about 1845 and he would have had to revert to his mother's name again. Jacques died in St Pierre, France in 1846 aged just 48.




Jacque's mother, Marie-Martine GROSJEAN, was born 4th January 1777 in Brimont, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Her parents were Guillaume GROSJEAN (a peasant worker) and Marie ALLART.


Guillaume GROSJEAN was born 8th February 1739 in Fresne-lès-Reims, 51110-51261, Marne, Grand Est, France. His parents were Martin GROSJEAN (a ploughman) and Marie PREVOTEAUX.


Martin GROSJEAN was born 18th May 1698 in Fresne-lès-Reims, 51110, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France. His parents were Regnault GROSJEAN and Marie BRIFFAUT.


Fanny Ivy L'Enfant


Fanny Ivy L'ENFANT was born in Shoreditch, London on May 3rd 1902 and died on June 11th 1986 in Worthing, West Sussex.. Ivy's father was Charles Remy Grossjean L'ENFANT born about 1866 in St Pancras, London and her mother was Emma HAMMOND.


Charles L'ENFANT's father was also named Charles Remy Grossjean L'ENFANT born about 1829 in St Pancras, London and his mother was Emma PALMER.


In 1917, aged 15, Ivy was in domestic service at Avenue House, The Green, Richmond. At the time the house was owned by Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen (1856 - 1947) and Margaret Isobel Sladen. The house was sold in 1921. It is assumed Ivy changed employer at that time.


Douglas Sladen was a travel writer, poet, author and editor of Who's Who between 1897-1899. He collected all the correspondence he had with prominent people of his time into 70 scrapbooks. Many of the letters are from well known literary and political figures. The collection is housed in the Old Town Hall, Richmond.